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I absolutely love my Lumix LX3, but had been carrying it in a ziplock bag for over a year and half. Sure, it’s cheap, waterproof, and easily replaceable, but I got more than a few funny stares whenever I pulled out a blue freezer bag every time I needed to snap a shot.  For some […]

iron it out


Sometimes you just have to think a little outside the box when disaster strikes. I bought my J Crew Teagan blouse last year at about half off.  I had been eyeing it for a while and managed to buy it right as it went on sale.  It’s cute, huh?  Sheer, versatile, pleated ruffles… I loved […]

As a student, I remember thinking that my teachers had no lives. Actually, I didn’t care enough to even imagine what they did when they left school. All I knew was that they were at school for a good 9 hours and the rest was irrelevant. Sadly, I realize that sometimes I think the same […]

Today was the last day of the tutoring club I co-sponsor.  For the past 8 months, we bussed suburban 8th graders/tutors into the city every other Saturday morning and paired them up with their tutee.  It’s pretty impressive to watch 8th graders take ownership of a program and invest into the lives of these kids.  […]

I’ve developed this crazy aversion to out of control cords… I think it started while I worked at CB2, part-timing it while in grad school.  We had this one designer who transformed me into this cord ninja.  My job was to hide (or do my best at hiding) or disguise cords in the window displays.  […]

good posture


Meet Taro, my 2 year old Shiba Inu, who lives with me on the weekends (my parents and I have joint custody.)  He’s a great dog- rarely barks, well-behaved.. just the greatest dog ever.  Believe me. Well, I recently noticed how poor his posture looked whenever he ate or drank. Look at how he’s straining […]

Hi guys, I felt inspired to start blogging about random musings of my life.  Feel free to check back for postings on creative,  cheap, and practical solutions to things that need to be fixed.. or just snapshots of my thoughts.  :) Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week! m