I absolutely love my Lumix LX3, but had been carrying it in a ziplock bag for over a year and half.

Sure, it’s cheap, waterproof, and easily replaceable, but I got more than a few funny stares whenever I pulled out a blue freezer bag every time I needed to snap a shot.  For some odd reason, I never found a camera bag  that was just the right size and convenient, cheap, and cute enough to replace the Ziplock.

I live just a few block down from a Crate & Barrel outlet store (maybe it’s the Crate & Barrel outlet.. I think there’s only one) and was just snooping around one day to see what else I could waste my money on.  Did you know that they sell rolls of Marimekko fabric here?  ROLLS…. I believe they price it at around $5 per yard.

MARIMEKKO!  BEAUTIFUL PRINTS!  Anyways, next to the rolls of fabric, they have a barrel of remnant fabric.  Hey, one’s trash may be another’s treasure, right?  The scraps sell at $0.95 per lb!  I couldn’t just leave without grabbing a handful.

On my walk back home, I decided to use the fabric and stitch together a camera bag.

Let the project begin!

I measured both the green and canvas fabric 2 inches wider and 3 inches longer than the dimensions of the camera.  Extra length was needed to make the drawstring opening.

Started stitching about 1 cm in and made it super tight.

The sides came out nicely AND the MARIMEKKO fabric copyright signage ended up well placed.

The finished product.  I wish I had pictures on how to do the drawstring, but I think my patience ran out at that point.  Hand sewing the drawstring part is a pain!  If you have a sewing machine you want to get rid of… puhleese let me know.  :)

Next time you step food in Crate & Barrel Outlet, make sure you look in their remnant barrel.  It’s a hit or miss… so you might have to check back often.

Next project- waterproof picnic blanket.


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