iron it out


Sometimes you just have to think a little outside the box when disaster strikes.

I bought my J Crew Teagan blouse last year at about half off.  I had been eyeing it for a while and managed to buy it right as it went on sale.  It’s cute, huh?  Sheer, versatile, pleated ruffles… I loved every bit of it.

*this isn't me. I had to borrow a pic from someone else's blog since I didn't have a "before" pic.

Imagine my horror as I was pulling out the whites (laundry) from the washer one day and found my Teagan blouse all ruined.  Adorable pleated ruffles all gone.  :(  No more pairings with cute cardigans, no more being tucked inside a pencil skirt… or so I thought.  After letting it air dry, it looked like this.

ruffles are super untamed. no more pleats :*(

Well, I was going to toss it in my “Salvation Army” box, but decided to pull out my iron to see if I could save it.  It worked well at smoothing out the flat areas of the blouse, but trying to tame the ruffles with that was pain and waste of my time.  Determined to save myself a beloved top, I pulled out my flat iron.  Yes, the one I use for my hair.

I kept the shirt on, turned on my flat iron to a low setting and started smoothing away.

little by little...

For some reason, ironing out the ruffles was so much easier while wearing the blouse.  I had better control over the process.  AND the width of the iron fits perfectly between the buttons… I’m gonna start ironing everything with my flat iron.

The final result?

Yeah, it still needs a bit more work… but looks much better than when I dragged it out of the wash.  It’s almost Anthro-esque, huh?  I think I almost like it better now than when I bought it.  :)

OH, and using the flat iron for the sleeves was MUCH better than the traditional iron- you don’t end up getting that awkward crease at the shoulder.

… now to find other uses for my flat iron.


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