they also have a life


As a student, I remember thinking that my teachers had no lives. Actually, I didn’t care enough to even imagine what they did when they left school. All I knew was that they were at school for a good 9 hours and the rest was irrelevant.

Sadly, I realize that sometimes I think the same way about my students. They’re at school for 6 hours, hang out for a bit after, and the rest is… irrelevant. But it’s not. Sometimes we as teachers forget about the craziness that happens when they leave school grounds. Maybe they go home to their white picket fences, golden retrievers, and gourmet snacks waiting on the kitchen table for them. Or maybe some of them go home in tears to empty fridges, dysfunctional families, an empty house that won’t be complete until late at night when both parents get back from work?

This past week, one of the students on my team nearly broke down in class. Her family’s been all over the news lately, yet she chooses to go to school despite the critical thoughts, stares, and whispers that follow her in the hallways. I cannot even begin to imagine how uncomfortable it must be at home that she chooses to put up with immature peers over being in her own house. The amount of weight on her 8th grade shoulders just doesn’t seem fair.

Don’t hate me for the following…

It kinda makes me even sadder that she’s not the most attractive, popular, or charismatic girl. She doesn’t take part in extracurricular activities, lacks a good circle of friends, and has some awkward social tendencies. Why God chooses to bless some with beauty, talent, brains, and a picture-perfect family… and allow other children of His to struggle through every aspect of life, I have no idea. To be honest, it often frustrates and confuses me. I want to comfort her by saying that things will get better soon, but what if they don’t and more struggles seep their way into her life?

Anyways, I guess it’s a good reminder to pray for them… and how the hours between 8AM and 3PM are just a fraction of my students’ lives… there’s so much more going on.

have a good weekend :)


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