brangelina… i kinda get it


Today was the last day of the tutoring club I co-sponsor.  For the past 8 months, we bussed suburban 8th graders/tutors into the city every other Saturday morning and paired them up with their tutee.  It’s pretty impressive to watch 8th graders take ownership of a program and invest into the lives of these kids.  Some had watery eyes as they said good-bye to their ‘buddies’.  Thirteen year olds can surprise you sometimes..

Anyways, we were cleaning up after the program and noticed four kids standing around.  Well, it turns out they weren’t able to picked up and were going to walk home.  I wasn’t really comfortable with that idea, so I asked the program director if I could drive them home.  She said that was fine and told me where to go.

“They all live together?”

“Yeah, they’re siblings.”

“But..”  Two of them were the same age and didn’t look at all related.

She whispered, “Orphans… that’s why they call each other brother and sister.”  I had no idea.

They got in the car, buckled up, and I drove… into a super congested part of town.  They were going to walk here?  I had a mini Brangelina moment- let’s just drive down LSD, head over to Lincoln Park, and I’ll sign the adoption papers later.

My critical mind thought, “You’re kidding me.. again?  Are they that hungry for attention that they already have?” every time the genetically blessed couple was rumored to adopt another child.  I kinda get it now.

Don’t worry- I did not kidnap the kids.  They’re home.  :)


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